Potion of RemedyEdit

The Potion of Remedy is a potion of a deep purple color. It gives the Immunity effect. It allows entities to become immune to certain debuffs, more debuffs at higher levels. For example, the basic Potion of Remedy only makes entities immune to poison, a rather helpful effect. The potion, amplified to the first level, makes entities immune to poison, hunger and weakness, even more helpful in combat. Amplified to the second level, is creates immunity for all previously listed effects, along with wither, confusion, and blindness. 

It is brewed from the vanilla Awkward Potion and a Medicinal Salve. The amplfiied potion (Potion of Remedy II), can be brewed from the base Potion of Remedy and glowstone dust. Then, the amplified potion can be brewed with a Plagued/Pure Tear (a Plagued Tear, in this case) to create an amplified potion (Potion of Remedy III). 

The potion can also be elongated. If the base potion is brewed with redstone dust, the elongated potion is created. Then, if the elongated potion is brewed with a Pure Tear, an even more elongated potion is created (quadruple the original duration.)


The vanilla Awkward Potion and Medicinal Salve used to brew the Potion of Remedy.


The base Potion of Remedy and glowstone dust used to brew the amplified Potion of Remedy II.


The Potion of Remedy II and Plagued Tear used to brew the Potion of Remedy III.


The Potion of Remedy and redstone dust used to brew the Potion of Remedy, elongated. (double original duration)


Elongated Potion of Remedy and Pure Tear used to brew the Very Long Potion of Remedy (quadruple the original duration)

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