Potion of CombustionEdit

The Potion of Combustion is a potion of a bright green color, resembling that of a creeper's skin tone. When inflicted upon an entity, it gives the Combustion effect, lighting a short fuse on the entity and then exploding. Suicide missions are not endorsed.

It is brewed from the vanilla Potion of Wither(or Potion of Decay) as the base fluid and gunpowder as the ingredient. When combined with redstone, the Potion of Combustion can be elongated, doubling the duration of the fuse. When the elongated potion is combined with a Plagued/Pure Tear (it must be a pure tear in this case), the fuse will once again be doubled, leaving a maximum fuse of 32 seconds.

If the Potion of Combustion is combined with glowstone, it will be amplified, doubling the radius of the explosion created after the fuse runs out. If the elongated version of the potion is brewed with a Plagued/Pure Tear (a plagued tear, in this case) the explosion radius will once again be doubled, creating a massive explosion.

If Buildcraft is installed, the fluids of all of the variants of the Potion of Combustion can be used in Combustion Engines as fuel. Each has their own duration/energy output, depending on the elongation and amplification of the potion via The Brewery.


The Potion of Wither and gunpowder used to brew the Potion of Combustion.


The Potion of Combustion and glowstone dust used to brew the Potion of Combustion II (double the blast radius)


The Potion of Combustion II (amplified) and a Plagued Tear used to brew the Potion of Combustion III (again, double the blast radius)


The Potion of Combustion and redstone dust used to brew the elongated Potion of Combustion (double the fuse duration)


The Potion of Combustion (elongated) brewed with a Pure Tear to create the Potion of Combustion (elongated again, quadruple the original fuse length)

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